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Phone: 403) 762-3444

Address: 317 Banff Avenue Banff A.B

Cascade Shops Lower level

We're located inside Cascade Mall in core downtown of Banff!
In the Cascade Mall, the Laundromat is located at the lower level, just next to women's restroom. 

There are two entrances to the laundromat.
1. Once you are in the mall, come down to the lower level (where food court is) and follow the path beside Popeyes, all the way to women's restroom.
2. There is another entrance on the side of the Wolf Street
 to the Cascade mall. Once you enter the mall through this entrance, just come down the stairs and it will direct you to the laundromat. 
Very easy to get down to Laundromat from Wolf street.
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